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Music— the Source of Entertainment to Energy and Life

Handsome of a young man enjoying music
Handsome young man enjoying music

Perhaps, music is as old as the human civilization itself.  Music was one of the best forms of entertainment in the past as it is today. People sang different forms of music on different occasions. Now, with the development of modern music, there are various genres of music like rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Blues etc.

What is the Basic Idea behind All Those Genres of Music?

All genres of music target a group of listener. It is like a poem that expresses the views and thoughts of the composer through music. What is music for if there are no listeners?

People in the past use simple instruments in their music but now the world is so advanced that there are various instruments like guitar, violin, drums, keyboards etc to mention a few prominent instruments.

The importance of music is felt both to the young and the old alike and so there are various modern gadgets to entertain you in your work place, at home or in the office. When you are in stress, music relieves you to some extent and when you are bored, music is perhaps the best medicine to cure boredom. When you are tired, listen to a sweet music and you will be more relaxed. When your heart is in sorrow, enwrap yourself with a soothing music, close your eyes and be carried away with your memories.

Music makes you relived your past twice. Most people with a heavy heart sought for music to relieve their tension because the thoughts and themes of the composer speaks to his or her heart in the form of music as if that is what he or she intends to speak. All forms of music need not necessarily relieve a person in tension but it could take you back to the good old days. It could be about remembrance of events or incidents.

When we listen to Shakira’s song ‘Waka, Waka, This Time for Africa’, it automatically takes us back to the 2010 World Cup at Africa. In the same way, the Scorpion’s Wind of Change reminds us of the breaking down of the Berlin Wall in Germany.

Is Your Listening Device Good Enough for Your Ears?

Well, there are various modern gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, Home theaters, mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players etc. However, it has different time and situations when you should use which gadgets for the kind of occasions. When we make a comparison amongst all those gadgets, I find that Amazon’s kindle Tablet 7 inch tablet is one of the best companion for me because I don’t find any problem taking with me anywhere I go.

Unlike the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader the versatility in functionality of the Kindle tablet makes me chose this tablet as my favorite listening device. It has Dolby Digital speakers from the world’s most renowned sound system manufacturer. It has surround sound as if it comes from a true home theater with surround sound. It is soft and pleasing to the ears.

Why I Chose Kindle Tablet as My Favorite Listening Device 

There are numerous functions of Kindle tablet but my main concern is music. The Amazon Prime offers millions of song free of cost. In fact, it is just a tap away to listen to Shakira’s Hips don’t Lie or Taylor Swift’s Love story. It is easy to download the lyrics and even get the latest updates of my favorite artist. I always take along this gadget with me everywhere I go and listen to my favorite songs. Music is a real inspiration for me at work and even in times of loneliness and stress.

Geared Up for a Reckless Trip with Braven BRV-X and More



It’s time for a good, nice holiday. Do you like travelling more or do you like the recreation part more? Well, you would probably love both if you are the type who is busy but lives on high energy and more importantly, likes challenges. But let me consider it, too much planning, overpacking, pup hopping and shopping… phew! Like life in a city, vacations can also be tiring. The need for a break persists even after taking one, with the mind and body getting no respite.

How about some real time off then? Just you, connecting to yourself. The modern mind is in need of space. The routine of a high-profile job or just managing a house can leave one drained.  A holiday, unless mixed with the ultimate thrill and excitement you can take, seems incomplete. Being able to empty up all that stress in our thrill and excitement is how most of us, modern men pump out the adrenaline.

I Choose Gears that are Reckless Tough and Good to Go in water

So what is your idea of ultimate fun? Do you happen to have an obsession with thrilling adventures like me? Nothing is more fabulous than an adventurous trek up the steep slopes, take a plunge into those raging rapids and down sharp cliffs.

Well, something to consider, I better not carry any sophisticated device, more delicate than required for my rough adventurous. But no doubt, I have chosen most of my devices for its grand toughness and ruggedness. I could give you my very personal Braven BRV-X review or on any of my water babies, Nikon Coolpix, Sony Experia C6903. It is all about my attachment to my waterproof device, they have the resilience that in fact seems to inspire me for even more adventures.

Talking of cool adventures, I love watercraft; it reliefs a whole lot of strain out of me, for sure. I am positive that the risk factor in watercraft sport, for a fact makes it a great attraction. The kind of adrenaline rush that spikes my level of consciousness to certain heights gets me obsessed with the sport. Braving the strong currents of water, gives an energy boost that ensures me that I can definitely survive anything. Ain’t that simply exciting? This is my rejuvenating ritual, a must have, when in need of an upbeat. So, I will make the best of river rafting and kayaking adventures, and I will do anything not to miss out the rugged joy.

To make sure I get some water adventures, I will always tag along even my plastic floating boat too. I happened to find out some things about this comfy nice piece of boat and realized it was handy. I needed something as light and portable as this one. Well, that way I can at least have a river cruise if nothing else. Crazy, ain’t I? And I still love it. Yes, you can guess it quite right, I have an obsession for travelling to places I can paddle my heart out and swim my worries away.

As much as I love adventures, there are times I prefer relaxing and enjoying the sweetness of a quiet time. On adventures, but less reckless times, I enjoy the cool comfort of inflatable water lounges that I make a point to carry. So summing things up, plan your trip but only according to what gets your adrenaline pumping. Stick to keeping in touch with your real passion. Chances are, it could enhance your good spirit and inspire you to keep upbeat.

Latest Popular Pop Music Videos

Of the many entertaining arts that we find today, Music is one that stands tall and entertains us in good ways. Successful singers and musicians become popular easily and they have fans around the world. Many of us are a fan of music because of the fact that it entertains us and also the lyrics or the theme of the song relates to our real lives. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker, play these tracks and make your day better.

Today, we find many artists who have become popular throughout the world and they are producing popular music videos frequently. The competition between them is tough and we fans wait for the release of new videos from popular or favorite artists eagerly.

Not any song and not all the singers can become popular. A good music video is soothing to our ears, has entertaining and eye-catching visual, plus, a meaningful lyrics or a good theme. Here are some of the popular pop music videos that have gone viral around the globe.

Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar- Bad Blood

‘Bad Blood’ is a song from popular American country and pop artist Taylor Swift originally from her album ‘1989’ released in the year 2014. A remix version of the same song featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar was later released on 17th of May 2015 as a single video, which went viral and received positive comments. The refined music accompaniment, inclusion of rap and entertaining choreography made the remix version more successful than the original album.

Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth- See you Again

On March 17, 2015, Wiz Khalifa featuring with Charlie Puth released the music video ‘See You Again’, which was written as a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker. The song is also the original sound track of the movie ‘Fast and Furious 7’. The song topped the chart of Billboard Hot 100 for weeks and is a popular music video in several countries.

Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars- UpTown Funk

Mark Ronson produced the music video ‘UpTown Funk’, the lead single for his album ‘Uptown Special’, featuring Bruno Mars on 10th November 2014. This music video is commercially successful and become hits in many countries. It was ranked number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for fourteen weeks consecutively and also topped the different music chart in many countries.

Some of the Most Viewed YouTube Music Video of All Time

Music is one entertaining art that has huge fans around the world. Irrespective of class, religion, age or gender, we all love music and it plays an important role in our lives. Music can be of different types or let’s say different genres. The type of music genre that I like may not necessarily be your favorite; which means that our choice of music may also differ. Among the popular modern music genres are like Rock, Pop, Country, Metal, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal, etc.

Time to time, musicians and singers had produced so many music videos that inspired or motivated us in many different ways. Music or song plays an important role in our lives because it is a good source of entertainment as well as it has the ability to inspire us through the lyrics. Any kind of entertainment or event would be boring without music. Every song has its underlying message or theme, which we can learn and implement in our real lives.

Giving much importance to music for its entertaining nature and benefitting effects as a whole, here are some influential music videos that have most views on you tube. The list comprises of different artists from different countries.

Most Viewed YouTube Music Video of All Time

  1. Gangnam Style- On July 15, 2012, South Korean musician Psy released his K-pop music video ‘Gangnam Style’. By August of the same year, it has gone viral and it surpassed the ‘Baby’ music video of Justin Bieber, which was then the most viewed music video on YouTube on 24th November 2012. This music video holds the record of reaching 1 billion views worldwide, and beats its own record of reaching 2 billion views. It influenced people across the world through its signature amusing dance moves and catchy entertaining beats. Till date, it holds the record of most viewed YouTube music video.

  1. Baby- ‘Baby’ is a song recorded by Canadian singer Justin Bieber feat Ludacris released on January 18, 2010. The song was a hit and topped the chart in many countries. It also received positive reviews from critics around the world, praising his vocal ability, well written lyrics and well blended music. This music video slips its place to second position in all time YouTube most viewed video list, when it was surpassed by Spy’s Gangnam Style on 24th November 2012.

  1. Dark Horse- The best selling singles of all time, the song ‘Dark Horse’ released by American singer Katy Perry on December 17, 2013 is the third most viewed music video of all time. The matured vocal tone of Katy Perry in this love song featured by Juicy J rap, which is made captivating by the mixture of hip hop and trap music genres won the vote of many critics.

Other music video that has their place in the top 10 most viewed YouTube music video of all times are- Roar by Katy Perry, Blank Space by Taylor Swift, Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Love The Way You Lie by Eminem feat Rihanna, All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor, and Waka Waka by Shakira.

Guns N’ Roses November Rain- A Music Video that Defined the 90s

‘November Rain’, a song from the popular Rock Band of the 1990s- Guns N’ Roses is the lengthiest recorded music video to be featured in Billboard chart. It took years for Rose, the lead singer of the rock band Guns N’ Roses, to write the lyrics of this song. It is said that he started working on this song since 1983, which was, after years, officially released as a single music video album in 1992 from the band’s studio album released in 1991- ‘Use Your Illusion I’.

Guns N’ Roses is a rock band that rose to its popularity during the late 90s. This band produced number of other hits like Knocking On The Heaven’s Door, Don’t Cry, Patience, Estranged, Sweet Child O’ Mine, and many more, which revolutionized rock music in the 90s. Their song ‘November Rain’ is one example that defined the music video of the 90s.


What is the Quality of this Music video?

The composition, music accompaniment, cinematography, and the overall production of this single album made it a popular music video of the 90s. The band introduced the song with Axl Rose playing piano, which was later accompanied by orchestral backing in major parts. The solo guitar bridge from lead guitarist Slash was also incredible.

The video for this song was directed by the famous director Andrew Morahan. The video shows Axl Rose marrying a woman and the band itself performing in one of the theaters. This music video also won the Best Cinematography Award and holds the record of longest recorded song to be charted on prestigious Billboard Hot 100.

This single music video album also has its name written on the list of very costly music videos of all time. The video features an expensive marriage party and a helicopter shot of Slash playing a guitar solo with a church at the background.

With its good lyrical write up, incredible cinematography, perfect musical composition and accompaniment, November Rain is a song that truly lifts up and defines the music videos of the 90s.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World’ Song Video- Its Message to the World

Any song from any artist or singer can influence, motivate or inspire us in many/different ways. Music or song had been going hand in hand with us since time immemorial, and through time and development, it has evolved, changed and transformed into a vast subject or topic today. Music is now classified into different genres, and again from one genre to sub-genres, making it harder to differentiate between them.

michael-jOne of the popular music genres in modern time is Pop Music, of which, the world will remember the name Michael Jackson forever. An influential pop artist who modified and transformed pop music genre to its top popularity, Michael Jackson rightly deserved his crown the ‘King of Pop’.

Of the many popular music video hits he produced during his prime time, ‘Heal The World’ is one of the songs that influenced millions of people worldwide. The song is from the hit album ‘Dangerous’, which was released in the year 1991. The song was a hit and it topped the chart in many countries due to its lyrical richness and the message it delivers to the world. The underlying meaning and the message of the song is clear- ‘to heal the world through love’. He urged the world to stop war and make this world a better place for all of us and strive for peace through love.

Not only did he sing about love. He was true to the song that he composed and proved to the world that he cares when he opened his own charity organization called ‘Heal The World Foundation’. The primary aim of this foundation is to help improve the lives of young children around the world. Teaching children how to love and help others are also the main agenda of the organization.

Michael Jackson is an entertainer, popular singer, dancer, composer, and performer. His songs are an inspiration to many of us and surely we can learn a lot from it.